John Corkins – Livestock Superintendent
Richard Callison – Assist. Livestock Super.
Gary Laux – Assist. Livestock Super.
Nate Laux – Assist. Livestock Super.
Bill Sandborg – Assist. Livestock Super.
Casey Tharp – Assist. Livestock Super.
Crystal Adney – Dairy Goats
Tyson Brem – Meat Goats, Co-Chair
Cindy Brown – FFA Representative and Lamb Carcass Contest
Liz Brown – Horse
Matt Clark – Beef, Assistant
Lauryn Correia – Beef Boosters Representative
Shawn Davila – Jr. Fair Board Advisor
Sammie Duysen – Beef
Roger Everett – Dairy Cattle
Ed Farquharson – Hogs, Assistant
Geoff Galloway – Hogs, Assistant
Sabra Galloway – Ribbons
Jessica Galloway – California Collegiate Livestock Show
Anthony Giannetto – Hogs
Janice Gish-Snow – Poultry & Rabbits, Assistant
Kendall Kaylor – Sales Committee, Co-Chair
Mark Hess -Poultry & Rabbits
Junior Fair Board – Judging Contest
Stephanie Laux – Meat Goats, Co-Chair
Jody Scheer – Indoor Dept & 4-H Representative
Jody Scheer – 4-H Representative
Whitney Schieler – Tagging
Katie Schmidt – Sierra Winter Classic
Carla Shannon – Large Animal Round Robin and Small Animal Round Robin
Penni Rogers – Sheep and Pygmy Goats
Whitney Tharp – Livestock Office & Tagging
Julie Weaver – Awards
Veronica Wickersham – Farm Day