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Auction Agreement

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SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019

9:00 AM Commercial Bred Heifers

followed by

Market Animals starting with Grand and Reserve Grand Champions





Kendall Kaylor & Matthew Leider, Co-Chairs

John Corkins, Sales Committee Advisor

-Mitch Brown  -John Corkins  -Phillip Giannetto  –Paula Job  -Joe Jones  -John Konda  -Kendall Kaylor  -LC Kaylor  -Julie Ladrigan  

-Caroline Laux  -Dennis Laux  -Gary Laux  -Nate Laux  -Stephanie Laux  -Lauren Layne  -Matt Leider  -Coleman Nieblas  -Malynda Parsons  

-Sara Parsons  -Steve Parsons  -Paul Prescott  -Frank Schlitz  -Dennis Sexton  -Casey Tharp  -Kenny Walker  -Donnie Zimmerman



TERMS OF THE SALE: Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card the day of the sale in the LIVESTOCK OFFICE unless prior credit arrangements have been made with      management. ALL purchases MUST be paid in full within 30 days after the sale. Make checks payable to “Porterville Fair”. The ultimate responsibility for payment for sale animals and add-ons rests with the person who signs the invoice at the time of the sale. Persons acting as “agents” for other individuals should have a signed authorization for purchase to release them from any liability for payment. Please attach the release of liability statement to the sales invoice.

  1. Exhibitor checks will be available at the Awards Banquet Friday, May 24, 2019 & will be released to   4-H Community Leaders & FFA Advisors only. There will be a $25 charge to replace lost checks. Checks will  only be replaced within 30 days of issue date.  NOTE: 4-H Community Leaders & FFA Advisors will be responsible to see that ALL thank you letters are  collected & mailed to ALL livestock buyers, add-on AND award sponsors. A buyers list with addresses will be issued to each Leader/Advisor Wednesday, May 22, 2019. Award sponsor names & addresses will be prominently displayed on the back of each award.
  2. FEES: The following fees will be assessed by the Fair Management. (Fees subject to change.)
  3. 5% commission on each animal sold
  4. $2.25 each market beef (Brand Inspection & Beef Council fees)
  5. 1.5% finance charge will be assessed monthly on all unpaid Auction purchases after 60 days.
  6. Only animals graded “Market Ready” will sell.
  7. By entering, each market animal exhibitor acknowledges responsibility in the event their animal is found to contain drug residues. If drug residues are detected, exhibitors may be liable for financial restitution, attorney’s fees & civil penalties. Exhibitors may also be subject to disciplinary measures administered by the Porterville Fair, including but not limited to, the cancellation of sale transactions. The Junior Livestock Auction is conducted for the support of education in Agriculture & the convenience of exhibitors. Exhibitors are solely responsible for the care & mortality of their animals until shipment by Porterville Fair.
  8. Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Market Steers, Lambs, Hogs, Goats, Rabbit & Poultry Meat Pens must be sold for processing at a state inspected plant.
  9. Each exhibitor shall sell only one market animal through the Junior Livestock Auction, unless he/she shows a Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion & is exhibiting more than one animal. In that event, pursuant to the rule that the Grand Champion & Reserved Grand Champion must sell the exhibitor then may be entitled to sell a second  animal. If an exhibitor exhibits more than one market   animal, he/she must declare one hour following the conclusion of the market show which animal will be sold, if not declared – highest placing animal will be sold.
  10. Every seller will be required to serve as a runner after his/her animal is sold. Serving as a runner is a service to the staff & is considered a courtesy on behalf of the sellers.
  11. ADD-ONS: Buyers can “add-on” additional monies to a purchase made by a primary buyer. ALL add-ons must be physically received in the Admin or Livestock office NO LATER than 7 PM the day of the Sale.  Add-ons may be sent to livestock@portervillefair.com or faxed to 781.8601 (you must call the livestock office to confirm receipt of add-on emailed or faxed). Add-ons will not be taken at the auction block. Add-on invoices must be completed with a buyer’s number & required signature before an add-on will be taken. Please use the          Multiple Add–On form and issue one check if adding to more than one exhibitors project. The minimum add-on bid is $25.
  12. All market animals are consigned to the sale at the time of entry. Exhibitors wishing to withdraw their animal from the sale must do so at the Livestock Office within one hour after their market animal division judging is completed.
  13. Previous year’s buyers with purchases or add-ons totaling over $100.00 will be mailed auction credentials. New buyers must register at the table near the livestock office.
  14. Any animal reaching a must sell position at any other livestock show can not be exhibited at the Tulare County Jr. Livestock Show and Community Fair. (Porterville Fair)
  15. Maximum paid weight will be: Market Beef-1,300 lbs., Market Swine-265 lbs., Market Lambs-145 lbs., Meat Goats-100 lbs.
  16. Condemnation: Each seller agrees to indemnify & hold harmless the Fair Board against any loss or liability by reason of any animal sold by such seller being condemned at point of inspection.  The Market Livestock Sale is conducted for the convenience of exhibitors.  The Fair Board will assist in any way possible, but will not be responsible, for any loss incurred before or after the sale.