Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations



1. Interpretation of Rules:  The Fair Board reserves the final and absolute right to interpret the rules and regulations and to arbitrarily settle questions and differences thereto, or otherwise arising out of, or connected with, or incident to, the exhibit and sales.

2. Eligibility: ALL Tulare County 4-H members in good standing (Mini Members Indoor only) and members of the FFA Chapters within the Porterville and Lindsay High School districts and either live within the districts or attend a school in the districts are eligible to show/exhibit at the Porterville Fair. Exceptions – See Horse, Poultry, & Rabbit  departments.

3. Liability: All entries are accepted with the understanding that neither the Porterville Fair nor its officers, shall be held responsible for any loss or damage that shall arise to livestock or articles on exhibit. Each exhibitor  shall be solely responsible for any loss or damage done to another, or occasioned by, or arising from any animal or article exhibited by him/her and will indemnify the Porterville Fair against all legal or other proceedings thereto, not only while on the fairgrounds but while being transported to or from the fairgrounds.

4.Release Time:  Chapter/Club displays and other exhibits (Indoor) will be released 3:00 PM-5:30 PM, Monday, May 18, 2015.

MANDATORY Tack and Livestock release 9:00 PM-10:30 PM Saturday, May 16, 2015. (See non-compliance consequences page 11 item 6.)

5. No Exhibitor will be permitted5 to remain in the barn after fair is closed each night.  During Fair week, Barn will close at 10:00 PM Mon &  Tues, 11:00 PM Wed & Thurs, and Midnight Fri. & Sat.

6. Conduct: if an Exhibitor’s conduct is such as to reflect discredit to his/her chapter or club, it may be necessary to send the Exhibitor home with his/her animals.  In such cases, all awards may be withheld. Additionally, if any exhibitor or their family members have outstanding fees owed to the Porterville Fair including any event produced by Porterville Fair or has committed a rule violation, the exhibitor will not be in good standing and must meet with the appropriate governing body to be considered for reinstatement as an exhibitor.

7. Adult Conduct Rule:  No person shall be allowed to interfere with the judge, fair, department staff, or to offer any criticism of an exhibit /exhibitor.  Any person found violating these rules (or other defined rules) in this Premium Book will be subject to the disciplinary action denoted within this policy.  An adult who violates this policy will receive one warning from the appropriate fair staff, department head or fair director. If a second violation occurs, the adult will be excused from the fair grounds for the remaining term of the fair.  The Board of Directors for the Porterville Fair will be notified of all violations of this policy. The Fair Board reserves the right of interpretation of unethical behavior and can expand or reduce all penalties for violation of this policy.  The Board may choose to call an emergency meeting during the fair to consider such violations and disciplinary actions of this policy.




1. Under no circumstances may an exhibitor show the same kind of  animals (Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Rabbits, Goats, or Poultry) in both 4-H and FFA Classes at the fair. Rules of Livestock showing established by the state 4-H and FFA  organizations will apply at this Fair.

2. An exhibitor may exhibit more than one animal. When showing multiple market animals, exhibitors are restricted to:

A. Two market beef   OR

        B. One market beef and two small market animals   OR

C. Four small market animals, excluding breeding stock

A maximum of four feeder animals may be entered in addition to market animals. AN EXHIBITOR MAY ONLY SHOW TWO SPECIES OF MARKET LIVESTOCK. (Excluding Rabbits and Poultry) (See item 6,  page 12.)

3. It is mandatory that ALL Exhibitors show their own animal in class and showmanship unless incapable of doing so. In the event an Exhibitor requires assistance, it is mandatory that their Department Chair be notified prior to the show.

4. The official uniforms shall be worn by all exhibitors while showing at the fair. The 4-H uniform shall consist of white pants, white collared button up shirt tucked in. FFA members shall also wear the official FFA jacket zipped, official FFA blue necktie/scarf. 4-H members shall also wear official 4-H tie/scarf and hat on members head. Boots are recommended.

5. Livestock Exhibitors are responsible for bedding their own stalls. They are responsible to supply their own equipment to bed. All  stalls are to be bedded by 8:00 PM on Saturday prior to the opening of the fair.

6. Each exhibitor to fit his or her own animal.  Hands-on assistance may be given by a leader, advisor, parent or another exhibitor, but the owner must be in attendance at all times.  Leaders are to be enrolled in Tulare County 4-H program as of January 1 (of current show year) and be in good standing. Exhibitors are to be currently entered in the Porterville Fair. FFA Advisors must currently work or reside within the Porterville or Lindsay High School Districts.

7. The following will NOT be permitted:  tying of livestock to chain link fence. No pressurized watering systems in livestock barns.

8. Ownership prior to exhibiting: Animals must be owned by individual 4-H or FFA members for the days specified below:

Market Beef By 1/11/15

Horse By 3/13/15

Small Market By 3/8/15

(Sheep, Swine, Goats)

All Others By 3/13/15

(Breeding Beef, Dairy Cattle, Goats,)

Commercial Bred Beef Heifer By 1/11/15

Rabbit/Poultry By 3/13/15

Feeder Beef/Sheep By 4/12/15

9. All of the above livestock must be under the daily care and management of the exhibitor for the days specified. FFA project animals must be raised within Porterville & Lindsay School Districts.

4-H project animals must be raised within Tulare County.

10. Outstanding Exhibitor will be awarded to a 4-H (8th grade & lower) and a 4-H/FFA Senior (high school +) in each specie unless otherwise noted in awards section of each individual department. All species point systems are based on but not limited to;

~ Number of Animals Shown (per specie) ~

~ Placing in market, breeding, feeder, and showmanship classes (where  applicable) ~

~ Points will be awarded for the final placing of the top two animals in each individual species only. ~

~ Placing in the Judging Contest & Round Robin Competition ~

~ Pre-entry is not required. ~

11. Animal Release/Load Out: No animals will be allowed off the grounds without a release slip. Animals that are too light, too heavy, ill, or not selling in the auction may load out Monday or Tuesday night after the scales have closed and a release has been issued by the respective livestock chair. Animals not in the sale may leave after the Grand Champion Drive only if a release is issued by the respective livestock chair. Sale animals will be marked the night before sale day (Friday). This will identify animals for buyers, owners and those loading out. Release shall begin after auction closes.


1. The dates and times for tagging are under the Market Species


2. Market Animals designated for the Porterville Fair will be tagged and entry cards completed with payment to be attached and turned into the table prior to your animal being tagged. Animals will be tagged with a tamper proof two-tag system, except in the Sheep and Goat Departments. We will be using the Scrapie’s ID Tag as the second form of identification. If a market animal does not have proper tags at time of weigh-in, animal will be excused from fair and will not be able to show.

3. Exhibitors will be allowed to tag the maximum number allowed in Rule #2 (General Livestock Rules) plus two additional animals. However, they will only be allowed to bring to the fairgrounds and weigh the maximum number allowed by the aforementioned rule.

4. The Fair Board will refuse entries and substitutions after the tagging date for all Market Species and closing date for all other entries as published.

5. Owners of all Market Animals to be exhibited at the Porterville Fair must produce and submit a copy of the Bill of Sale or proof of ownership at Tagging, if requested. (Except Rabbit and Poultry)

6. RE-TAGGING: If a single tag is lost, the exhibitor, parent, or leader must call the Fair office and make arrangements to have the animal re-tagged within 7 days. Re-tagging will be done at the Fairgrounds ONLY by appointment ONLY.


The protocol used in tagging will be in a document at the livestock office.


All Market Animals will be weighed by a Weigh Master and identified as to Class and Breed by a Classifier.  Animals shall be washed (free of dirt and mud) so that animal can be classified fairly.

WEIGH MASTER POLICY:  The protocol for livestock weigh-in of animals sold by the pound will be in a document at the livestock office.

WEIGH BACK POLICY:   If re-weigh is required or requested, animal must remain in weigh station and re-weigh immediately.


1. All animals are subject to health inspection at time of arrival and at any time during their stay on the fairgrounds. No animals shall be admitted or remain on the grounds showing any evidence of any communicable disease.

2. No medication(s) shall be administered to any animal admitted to the fairgrounds without the consent of the Fair Veterinarian. Exhibitors will be required to sign a statement certifying that medicated feed has been withdrawn from their animal in

compliance with all STATE AND FEDERAL regulations.

3. Drench guns are not approved  for use while on the fairgrounds.

Anyone found to be using any type of drench gun to administer liquids or paste into any animal without the supervision and direction of the fair veterinarian and/or designated fair official, will result in the exhibit and/or exhibitor being disqualified.


Any Exhibitor, Parent of a Exhibitor, 4-H Leader, or FFA Advisor making a protest shall lodge such protest at the Livestock Office in writing.  No less than 5, nor more than 7, members of the Board of Directors will sit as a Board to hear and analyze protests. A NONREFUNDABLE FEE of $150.00 must accompany written protest. Forms are available in Livestock Office. The hearing board will decide what immediate action shall be taken in the matter.  The Board of Directors will decide at a later date what permanent action will be taken.



$10.00 PER CLASS

 Animals must be owned by Exhibitor and have been shown in an FFA or 4-H class.  The preparation for showing must have been done by the owner.  Assistance may be given as per item 6 under General Livestock Rules. It is required that exhibitors in this class wear the FFA or 4-H uniform as defined in General Livestock Rules.


Grooming      40%

Condition – quality, firmness, and uniformity of covering.  Cleanliness: Hide, hair or fleece, and hoofs must be clean, neat, and free from dirt. General appearance:  Must be attractive from standpoint of prevailing breed fashion.

Showmanship       60%

Appearance of exhibitor and equipment used to show animal.  Ability to properly pose animal.  Exhibitor must demonstrate ability to move animal about ring as directed by judge.  Exhibitors can only show within their class, except as noted below.  The classes show in the following order:


          4-H CLUBS                        FFA CHAPTERS

Novice 6th Grade & below       Novice Never shown before

Junior 7th & 8th Grades           Junior 9 & 10th Grades

Senior 9th Grade and above      Senior 11th Grade and above


The winner of the 4-H Novice Showmanship may move up to compete in the Junior 4-H Showmanship contest only. The winner of the Novice FFA Showmanship may move up to compete in the Junior FFA Showmanship contest only.  In case one exhibitor wins in more than one Department, the exhibitor must show the first species that qualify them for Round Robin.  The Second place exhibitor in the other Department(s) will be allowed to show in Round Robin.



CLASS 1 Novice 6th Grade & below

CLASS 2 Junior 7th & 8th Grades

CLASS 3 Senior 4-H/FFA 9th Grade & above