Fair Managers Update

Fair time is my favorite time! We work and plan for 360 days for five little days in May all the while keeping the beautiful venue booked most all weekends with weddings, reunions, quinceañeras, fundraisers, team roping, barrel races, stock shows…. the list goes on and on. It is with great honor and pride that our very small staff of four along with our very dedicated 14 member Board of Directors strives to create a community event to benefit all ages. Porterville Fair is truly a one of a kind event. While the days of big concerts are long past due to the rising cost of show production, Porterville Fair brings new family friendly entertainment each year. You will find a lot of your fair time favorites, interesting shopping opportunities, new delicious “fair food” choices, free shows, top notch carnival, and a barn full of four and two legged barn babies. Come out and play in May.

Memories to last a life time are free for the making!

~Susie Godfrey

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